Cornerstone (2nd edition)

Welcome to Cornerstone! This Cornerstone textbook is a free, custom textbook for you, published by Rod Library. It is a compilation of materials from seven free, openly-licensed textbooks, customized for UNI students. Your Cornerstone instructors carefully selected the best of the best for your course!

Editors: Nikki Harken, Deb Young, Sadé Barfield, and Scott Bredman, with assistance from Anne Marie Gruber and Olivia Waller

Campanile cornerstone, Lang Hall cornerstone, and Wright Hall etching photographs by Anne Marie Gruber are licensed CC BY 4.0.

Rod Library, campus entranceway, and flowering tree photographs, Copyright University of Northern Iowa. All rights reserved. Used with permission.



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Part One: Foundations

Part Two: Research and Understanding

Part Three: Process--Invention

Part Four: Process--Arrangement

Part Five: Process--Style

Part Six: Process--Delivery

Part Seven: Communicating with Others

Part Eight: Argumentation


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